My teacher in school also had a green and red color blindness. He had sometimes problems with text books or online articles. He used a special app on his phone that allowed him to adjust the contrast on his phone.

The iPhone offeres the possibility to make the Apps bigger if you have a debility of sight. Furthermore, you can adapt the size of your font.

Bitmoji, Emoji & Emoticons

Image-1I like the idea of creating a Bitmoji. I use it in Snapchat and it is quite funny to send it to my friends. My Bitmoji can represent different reactions like laughing or beeing angry. Furthermore, there are possibilites to include the Bitmojis of my friends into the message.

Emojis belong to my daily life. I use them in WhatsApp Messages or Facebook Messages and my new favorite Bitmoji is the new Apple gadget „Mimoji“. It imitates my facial expressions.

Are my Apps spying on me?

While looking at the settings on my phone I was a little bit shocked.

Nearly all Apps are using my current location, eventhough I do not think they even need it. Of course GoogleMaps needs my location when planing a route from my current location to my desired destination. However, GoogleMaps only needs to locate me when I am using the App and not all the time! The standard setting of GoogleMaps does locate you all the time though!


My Digital Footprint

We all have online profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook or somewhere else. You post stuff about you and your life, where you work, the date of your birthday or where you study.

Sometimes I have to admit I forget that the Internet never forgets. You always have to remeber „only post things that your mom and grandma should also see“.

When googeling myself I found a picture of a Twitter profil I created when I was 13 years old. That was 6 years ago and it is still online.

Furthermore, all the team pictures of my handball team can be found on Google Pictures..

First things first

This is my first blog entry. I want to elaborate what I hope to learn through 23things and what I imagine 23things is like.

I hope to amplify my knowledge about digital learning tools and how to make presentations more diversified. Personally, I think 23things is a great way to fullfill my goals thanks to their different ways of explaining the tools. Furthermore, the aspect of writing a blog entry after reading about a tool will support the learning effect.